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Socks for Thinkers


Transport business in waste disposal


Schwendimann is a transport business in the waste disposal and event sector. As a family business in its fifth generation, sustainability and social issues are very important to them. With its 80 years of experience and the development of an electric refuse truck, Schwendimann sets new standards in the field of waste disposal.

The cooperation with Schwendimann has been a great experience for us, especially because of Sabrina Schwendimann’s kind nature who was in contact with us.

Sabrina, what did you need the socks for?
It was a customer gift and a thank-you to our fellow thinkers – we call our employees “fellow thinkers” because they perform incredible things. They are involved in our business process as well as in the development of new ideas. They are our greatest capital.

What was the feedback like?
Everyone was very enthusiastic. We received a lot of great feedback and photos.

That makes us very happy too! What did you like most about the collaboration?
Leandra was very competent, she always reacted quickly to questions and answered them well. We also took great pleasure in the design proposal. We didn’t have to make any more changes and we took it the way Leandra had designed it. The delivery went on time and smoothly – everything went perfectly.

Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Finally, we would like to ask you for which action you would like to order socks again?
Probably we would order it again for a customer gift because it was so well received and people had so much fun. Preferably with a new design from Leandra.