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Political Socks

Franz & René



Who are you and what do you do?
We are a bilingual communications agency in Bern, Switzerland, dedicated to strategy and creation. For us, communication is EVERYTHING: offline, online, on paper, in real life. We are interested in everything. With brains and hearts. From mega posters to hidden pixels. Communication is not everywhere, it is everything.

What did you need the socks for?
With the socks we shared our New Year’s wishes with our partners, customers and competitors.

How was the feedback?
All around positive. After sending them out, we also sent our wishes for 2019 into the digital world via newsletter and social media. Many thanked us and asked for more exemplars or posted a photo with their socks on social media. An unexpected success for the New Year’s wishes!

What did you like most about working with Sokke?
That you worked hard to make all our wishes come true, especially when it came to the infinite details, which thread and which color were best suited. During this time we have become real sock experts thanks to your know-how. The cooperation was a lot of fun and both sides can be very proud of the final product.

For what occasion would you order socks from us again?
It would be a good idea for the next guerrilla campaign. To convey a message with socks was received enthusiastically by all participants. Why not?

«Great Collaboration!»